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At National


controlled embroidery machines. The process begins as always with a design concept and understanding the item to be stitched. Soft items such as sweaters may require a different stitch pattern and support backing as opposed to something more sturdy like a wool baseball cap or nylon jacket. Size and design also make a difference. Stitching letters too small or too cluttered may make them difficult to read. Therefore it’s important to discuss your needs with professionals at National to ensure the design looks its best on your garments.

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Once you have a design concept the art department at National will prepare it for to be converted into a computerized file to run the embroidery machine. Art files such as a jpeg, tif, eps, psd, bmp, etc. cannot simply be converted into an embroidery file. The programmer must meticulously recreate the artwork using stitches. Then it programs the sewing machine to sew a specific design, in a specific color, with a specific type of stitch. This is the process known as “digitizing”. Unlike printing where screens are made to make the print and need to be remade periodically, the digitized design is a is a digital file that is forever kept on our systems computer and may be used whenever needed. In addition, where printing multiple colors adds to the cost of the final product, our multi-needle machines allow for embroidery up to five (5) colors for no additional charge.



Once your design is digitized and the garments and thread colors selected, the real magic begins. The garments are placed into a hooping or framing system that holds the framed area of fabric taut under the sewing needle and moves it automatically to create a design from the digitized embroidery pattern. The Embroidery high-speed, computer-controlled machines automatically creates the design, stitch pattern and color changes, and thread trimming until the final product is completed, trimmed and steamed. Small areas such as caps or left chest may take as little as 10 minutes to complete, where large areas such as the back of jackets may take up to 3-4 hours or longer. Hence the size of the design and the number of stitches also affects the amount of time needed and the final cost.


Embroidery is not only considered a more refined method for decorating garments with designs or business logos, but it also is the most durable. With proper care it will stay bright and color fast throughout the life of the garment. In general it costs significantly more than screen printing, but begins to pay off if the design is small and has 3 or more colors. The National sales staff will be able to suggestion the best and most affordable option for you. If you want your team, group, school or business to have that special refined look, embroidering your design is considered the best choice.

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