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New Jersey Full Color Laser Imprinting


Whatever you have in mind, National Sportswear’s laser printing services can realize it with our amazing laser printing services.

Your treasured photographs can be reproduced in fine detail and appear on the apparel of your choice, whether it’s a cap, t-shirt, jacket or sweats. Love the Mona Lisa? We’ll put her on whatever you want, looking exactly like the original in full color, reproducing her famously enigmatic smile to perfection.

When mom and dad’s golden wedding anniversary rolls around, we’re ready to bring their wedding photo to any type of sportswear to honor the occasion in full color, reproduced faithfully.

Your imagination has a friend in National Sportswear, where full-color laser printing is of a superior quality that can’t be matched.



The laser printing process at National Sportswear is state-of-the-art. Employing toners produced for the purpose, National prints to a Teflon-treated transfer paper. The technology uses a color laser printer which is modified to create an impeccable, faithfully reproduced image.

National Sportswear has its own patented process, which allows us to create transfers in brilliant full color, with complete fidelity to the original. When you add your logo or company name, you have a fully-customized look not found anywhere else. Our process is flexible, allowing your imagination to have a field day.

Best of all, the laser printing we create at National lasts for the life of the garment, is breathable and soft. There’s none of the stiffness associated with other processes.

See how we do it, here:



National Sportswear has been around for over 70 years.  The three pillars that have supported our services to you over our long tenure are quality, service and value.  These enduring values are what three generations of customers return to us for, time and time again.

Quality is our cornerstone. 


We believe in providing the best laser printing services available.  Three generations of customers know we’re serious about that.  Their business and yours is what we strive to retain.  At National, loyalty is answered with consistent quality that never flags.

At National, you’re family.  From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll feel like the most important customer we’ve ever served. 

we believe in old-fashioned customer service that makes you feel welcome and prized.


And then, there’s value.  It’s the third pillar and one that’s important to us.  That’s why we’ll knock ourselves out to beat any online quote you bring in.  We want to know that we’re delivering the best value to our customers, because their loyalty deserves that from us.


You’ve got an idea.  National’s got outstanding quality laser printing, matched by peerless customer service and superior value.  Now that you know, what are you waiting for?  Contact us.  Let’s bring your bright idea to life.

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