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National Sportswear


National Sportswear is a one-stop printing shop that answers all your printing needs. From creative concept through process to delivery, we do it all. There’s no middle man and we’re not afraid of rush orders. In fact, we welcome having the chance to show you how quickly we can meet your needs.

Screen printing is just one of the services we offer here at National. We’re proud of our 70 years of service to people who look for quality, service and value in a company like ours. Every day, we seek to build on our well-established reputation as the best in the business and screen printing is just one of the ways we do that.


In 1986 National Sportswear, under the direction of the founding Tartaglia family, created a new multi-color silk screening printing machine for which it was awarded a US Patent. In fact, we’re mentioned in the entry for Screen Printing on Wikipedia.

Here it is in action:



Screen printing (sometimes called “silk-screening”) transfers images and/or lettering onto a variety of materials by pressing colored ink through a stenciled mesh or screen.

The screen is coated and treated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Solid black images of the lettering or design on clear film called “positives” are put in contact with the emulsified screen and exposed to strong ultraviolent light.

The area exposed to this UV light becomes waterproof and hardened in the process, while the area protected by the black portions remains soft and pliable.  The exposed screen is then sprayed and washed thoroughly with warm water.  This serves to dissolve the emulsion left untreated by exposure to the UV light.

The result is a screen imprinted with a stenciled design which allows the ink to flow onto the garment being screen-printed.   A blade or squeegee is run across this screen, pressing the ink through the mesh and onto the garment.

A different screen is used to print each color, replicating the process each time the color screen is changed.  As each separate color is screened, it’s allowed to dry before the next color is applied.

The final product is then sent through a conveyor belt gas dryer to cure all the ink for a durable, long-lasting impression.

As mentioned above, National Sportswear has raised the screen printing bar, creating a next generation process which has set the standard in the industry.



National Sportswear hasn’t been around all this time for nothing.  Having built our reputation on quality, service and value, we uphold that tradition for three generations of customers.

For over 70 years, we’ve been bringing quality sportswear screen printing to our loyal clients.  Our quality is supported by major league customer service and value that can’t be beaten.

Contact us for high quality, innovative screen printing that raises the bar.

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